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"Every time I start my day on the beach I have a great day..

Also, Thomas is energetic, encouraging, and really wants to see you succeed. Give T3 a try you won't regret it."-Alex O.

"I have a new perspective on fitness..

reminiscent of my military days where training took place in nature, with little to no weights, lots of energy and camaraderie. Also, the infused yoga before, during, and after is genius".-Dexter P. 

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5 Benefits of beach training. 
  • Efficiently lose weight by burning up to 50% more calories
  • Reduces body inflammation 
  • Increase Brain health
  • Natural source of Vitamin D 
  • Get outside and feel better
5 Benefits of Group Fitness
  • Extra Motivation and inspiration all around you
  • Increased accountability
  • Connection with a community that wants you to succeed
  • Add variety to your workout
  • Improved confidence and self-esteem
Why T3 Beach Fitness?

The gym is great, but out here with the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean we get so much more. We get to efficiently work inside/out in harmony with nature. Fusing Yoga, bodyweight, bands and our Beach bags (designed by Coach Thomas) with H.I.I.T, Time under tension, Sprints and Plyometrics training models, we can create a beautiful fitness experience. 

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I am Thomas Andrews.

35+ years in fitness training myself or others; the last 10 years spent coaching beach front on the sand. Beach workouts present the ultimate anti-aging solution while burning more calories, reducing inflammation and just feeling better.