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If you are like me, you are tired of New Years resolutions. So start now! Choose a program, sign up and get started today on your transformation. 

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Why wait for 2023?

Start today and receive 30 days free!

Purchase now, and receive 30 days of free training on the beach. Why? We want you to attack your goals head on while we support you in the process. We meet 3x a week on the beach (see schedule) for a total body workout experience which includes Yoga, Plyometrics, Sprints and stretching using bodyweight, bands and our T3 Sandbags.

  • Expert coaching to reach your goals
  • Accountability within an amazing group
  • Burn 1.5x more calories with a beach practice
  • Increase wellness and feel better
  • Learn how to move better

The Details

  • 60 Days of Unlimited Classes (390.00 value)
  • Online instructional access for 90 Days- T3 Workouts and instructional T3 Bag movements (149.95 value) 
  • Bi-Weekly group Zoom "Coaches Check in Call" (99.00 value)
  • Body composition test (125.00)


  • Purchase your program here-Meet us on the beach.
  • Download the free Kajabi app (IOS/Android) for anytime anywhere total course access

 $750.00 Value


Limited time offer (12/25/22)
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How to choose the right T3 Program 

It's all about you: how much time you have to practice your fitness, and where you practice. Doesn’t matter if you are new to fitness, or a seasoned athlete. We want you to be successful! 

Within each T3 Program we discuss the “Keys to success”. To help you to get the most out of our T3 Coaching, we share tools and tips around nutrition intake, calorie burn and heart rate. Once you understand and learn to incorporate these facts into your workout, you can use any fitness tool! 

Our movements and programs are centered around the versatility, and convenience of the T3 Bag. (Bag sizes range from 0-50lbs, 0-90 lbs and 0-110lbs). We use the T3 Bag because it can be quickly converted into a Kettlebell, Dumbbell, and Barbell, to save time and increase workout efficiency.  

Remember, you have a busy life- ain’t nobody trying to workout all day! 


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